Equity in the Center® (EiC) works to shift mindsets, practices and systems in the social sector to center race equity and build a Race Equity Culture™.

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Building Race Equity in the Workplace

This publication is the culmination of the Equity in the Center’s research, which illustrates in detail how organizations can move through the Race Equity Cycle™ by activating specific organizational levers.

Awake to Woke to Work: Building a Race Equity Culture provides insights, tactics, and practices social sector organizations can and have used to measurably shift organizational culture, operationalize equity, and move from a dominant organizational culture to a Race Equity Culture.

Race Equity Culture Services

Working Sessions

Open enrollment workshops for individuals and organizations on EiC’s Race Equity Cycle framework and research

Partner Trainings

Workshops and trainings with partners to center race equity and promote allyship and liberation


Opportunities for leaders and organizations to convene to drive race equity internally and across the sector

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