Awake to Woke to Work

Awake to Woke to Work: Building a Race Equity Culture Open Enrollment Workshops

Twice a month from October to December, we are offering virtual open enrollment workshops on building a Race Equity Culture.


The first module is training on the Race Equity Cycle framework for organizational transformation and includes break out groups for discussion and Q&A. The second module is a deeper dive on operationalizing equity, and includes break out discussions designed to support the definition of specific priorities and action steps to build a Race Equity Culture.

Our October, November and December sessions will be facilitated by our Managing Director and Lead Researcher, Ericka Hines.



During these workshops, we will:

  • Provide training on EiC’s Race Equity Cycle framework and research
  • Review management and operational best practices that help organizations transform culture
  • Address how structural racism manifests in organizations
  • Review the behaviors, beliefs and policies that dismantle institutional racism
  • Create an engaging space to discuss where your organization is on the Race Equity Cycle
  • Share tools and resources to support staff in dismantling white dominant culture
  • Guide teams in prioritizing action steps to build and sustain momentum

Upcoming Workshop Dates and Cost

For individuals, the cost for both modules is $120

For organizations that wish to register teams of 5 or more, the cost for both modules is $8,500.

November 9 & 16 from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm ET 

December 7 & 9 from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm ET