Dismantling White Supremacy
Building Race Equity

Our approach to organizational transformation

We support the Social Sector by:

  • Hosting convenings, webinars, and workshops with nonprofit and philanthropic leaders.
  • Developing and disseminating race equity resources and tools
  • Promoting race equity culture-focused publications and other media.
  • Hosting an annual, public Equity in the Center Summit that connects leaders from across the country.


Equity in the Center convenings, tools, and resources equip leaders to serve as change agents who drive race equity within their organizations. We provide frameworks, best practice techniques, and a community of support as leaders embrace race equity initiatives and become more aware of the importance of race equity internally and externally.


We are committed to:


We engage, support, and convene nonprofit and philanthropic leaders for bold conversations and capacity building to drive action toward race equity.


We increase awareness about the practices and tools that measurably shift organizations from dominant to equity culture.


We influence institutional and cross-sector systems to center race equity as a core goal of social impact.