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Our Vision

Equity in the Center envisions a future where nonprofit and philanthropic organizations adopt a Race Equity Culture™ focused on proactive counteraction of social inequities. We must build a future where white dominant culture is dismantled within all social sector organizations, institutional and structural racism have been eliminated at all levels of nonprofit and philanthropic organizations, and race equity has been achieved within organizations, across the social sector, and in communities.

Meet Our Team


Mara Brennan-Magidson,
White Allies Training Associate

Herna Cruz-Louie

Herna Cruz-Louie,
VP of Operations

Miyo Hall-Kennedy (they/she) is the Training Coordinator with Equity in the Center

Miyo Hall-Kennedy,
Training Associate

Photo of Sandra with large black rimmed glasses on and long hair and a red shirt sitting in front of a bookcase

Sandra Herrera,
Communications Associate

Seana Jean, Race Equity Culture Associate of Equity in the Center

Ericka Hines,
Managing Director

Woman with long wavy black hair, a black blazer and white shirt, and a necklace with a thick green necklace. Background is greenery.

Niki Jagpal,
Executive Vice President

Seana Kellman pictured smiling with hoop earrings and her hair up. She is wearing a jean jacket and light pink shirt against a dark purple background.

Seana Kellman,
Data Analysis & Evaluation Associate

Kate pictured smiling with glasses and her hair down. She is wearing a yellow scarf with a white sweater.

Kate Loving,
Communications Manager

Juan pictured smiling against a light gray background. He is wearing black glasses and a dark gray blazer with a gray shirt.

Juan Serrano,
Director of Training & Content