We’re Hiring – Again!

Nov 16, 2021 | Woke @ Work

Equity in the Center is inviting applications for two new positions, a full-time Communications Associate and a part-time Training Coordinator. These new roles are critical to the organization’s growth and sustainability. 

  • The Communications Associate will be a key leader on the team who partners with senior leadership on the overall communications strategy, develops and executes project timelines, upgrades EiC’s engagement on all major social media platforms, advises the team on best practices in social media engagement, and manages EiC’s internal communication practices and standards.  
  • The Training Coordinator will support EiC’s training delivery, ensuring that all our virtual workshops and trainings are executed smoothly, and that all participants have access to updates, content and any questions. The new Training Coordinator must be available to work from 12pm EST -5pm EST Monday through Thursday.

Success for both of these roles requires that the candidates be highly organized and detail oriented, with excellent project management skills. Furthermore, given Equity in the Center’s mission, the ideal candidates must be committed to anti-racism, race equity, and social justice as personal and professional values.  

Applications should be submitted via these google forms: Training Coordinator; Communications Associate. Both searches are being managed by external consultants to ensure equitable access and consideration for all applications.  Please reach out to them for more details: admin@mondaymorningconsultants.com.

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Meet Seana (she/her), EiC Data Analysis and Evaluation Associate

Seana Kellman (she/her) is a child of immigrants, an avid researcher, and a crochet and knitting enthusiast currently residing on Wappinger, Schaghticoke, and Munsee Lenape lands. She has worked at EiC since October 2020 and has worked on social media and content development, training coordination, and most notably the development of the codebook and scoring for the Race Equity Cycle Pulse Check™.

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