We Tried to Tell Y’all

Jan 15, 2021 | Woke @ Work

“Please stop saying this is not America, or we are better than this. America was founded on the violent taking of land and reliance on chattel slavery by white supremacist slave owners who documented their plan to commit genocide on Indigenous people. Just over 50 years ago, white police officers violently hosed and beat people trying to stand up for their basic rights and continue to do so. This is the only America some of us know.”   – Amanda Andere, EiC Board Member and CEO, Funders Together to End Homelessness




A week ago, a mob of white people loyal to the president attempted a coup. They are the embodiment of America’s centuries-long legacy of mob violence and domestic terrorism designed to consolidate and preserve white power and supremacy. This is who we have always been beneath the veneer of American exceptionalism, liberty and justice for all.

We have tried for centuries to tell y’all.

Every day, Indigenous people and Black people exist on a “continuum between hope and terror” (as Shayna Hammond describes it) that was forged in the cradle of American democracy. The horrifying and shameful root of that terror, white supremacy, was laid bare on live television last week.

Colleagues have asked how to begin a workplace dialogue about what happened and how we got here. Now, as always, it is critically important for white allies, in solidarity with Black people and people of color, to condemn and begin to dismantle a system of oppression that sanctifies the value of white lives above all other humans.

Below, you will find a list of resources we hope will aid in this effort.

Articles on Current Events & Structural Racism/White Supremacy