Race Equity Culture™ Virtual Partner Training with Monday Morning Consultants

Getting Personal: Critical Self-Reflection in Anti-Racism Work

Interrogate your actions and established patterns of thinking as a means of deepening your anti-racist lens.


This two-part workshop introduces critical self-reflection, a set of practices that lead us to interrogate our actions, assumptions, established patterns of thinking, and perspectives as a means of deepening our anti-racism lens.

Critical self-reflection is a necessary component of anti-racism. Through the examination of ourselves, we confront who we are, how we have come to know what we know, and how we move through the world. This process cultivates cultural and intellectual humility, helping us recognize and address how we contribute to cultures of exclusion that harm individuals with targeted identities. The more consistent and competent we are at critical self-reflection, the more spontaneous we become at examining our proximity to power and interrogating our reactions to social triggers.

Critical self-reflection drives courage – courage to step up, courage to admit missteps, courage to ask for more, to name insecurities, and to lean into difficult but necessary work. During this workshop, Erica Nicole Griffin, PhD and Jamie Joanou, PhD, principals from Monday Morning Consultants, will invite participants to identify and check their ego, to activate their power when possible, and build the courage to address injustice individually and institutionally.

This workshop is intended for all individuals who wish to deepen their anti-racism practice. We will utilize reflective journaling, affinity groups, and large group discussions to facilitate dialogue and learning. In this interactive session, we ask participants to be fully present and vulnerable, to avoid multitasking, and to dialogue with the group.

After sincere engagement in this two-part workshop, participants should to be able to:

  • Take stock of their own social identities and understand how they are targeted or privileged through membership in these social groups
  • Understand when and how to leverage power
  • Develop greater capacity to embrace conflict
  • Develop the capacity to name mistakes and missteps, and to repair harm when caused
  • Know when to step aside and return the spotlight to the those with the expertise to speak on harm

Our trainings are hosted on the Zoom video conferencing platform. You will need a computer or mobile device with a camera and microphone, and a quiet place to participate. A desktop computer (rather than cell phone or tablet) is ideal for accessing the training, as it allows the best ease of access to all the features in Zoom.

Trainings are interactive and most include breakout discussions. Please come ready to participate! If this is not possible for you, accommodations can be made by direct messaging the EIC Zoom host at the start of the training. We offer auto-generated closed captions through Zoom. Captions can sometimes be a little glitchy or inaccurate. Please reach out to workshops@equityinthecenter.org if you have accessibility needs or concerns.

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Equity In The Center updated service pricing to a tiered pricing model in April 2022 to better align with best practices among equity-focused organizations. We ask that organizations purchasing tickets on behalf of their staff purchase tickets in the tier that aligns with your organizational budget and sector. For individuals purchasing tickets for themselves, we ask that those with greater privilege purchase tickets at the higher end, which will allow individuals with historically less access to wealth, disproportionately BIPOC folks, to pay the lower fees.

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Erica Nicole Griffin, PhD

Erica Nicole Griffin (she/her) is a Black feminist scholar with nearly 20 years of experience as an educator, writer, and consultant. She is a radical, thoughtful partner to sector leaders as they initiate change in the interest of justice, workplace satisfaction, community alignment, and productivity.

As a grounded theory researcher, Erica Nicole relied on intersectionality to better understand how hyperghettoization and misogynoir impact Black girls and women in the US. Since then she has worked to disrupt harmful systems. She has designed and run educational programs in community, the carceral system, nonprofit organizations and philanthropy.

Erica Nicole holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from Arizona State University and a B.A. in Public Communication from The American University. She lives in Atlanta with her two children.


Niki Jagpal is pictured smiling at the camera with long black hair and her arm on her hip. She is wearing a black shirt with the Equity In The Center logo

Jamie Joanou, PhD

Jamie Joanou (she/her) is an intersectional scholar and has nearly 20 years of experience as an artist, academic, and consultant. Early in her career she studied the ways youth, particularly those living in poverty, developed and exchanged learning while navigating public spaces. Today, she uses her background to support nonprofit leaders and communities as they create programs that drive justice and dismantle white supremacy.

Jamie leverages her experience and expertise in community-based participatory qualitative research and her background in critical theory to support clients as they build strategies and learning engagements.

Jamie holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from Arizona State University and a B.A. in Fine Art from Portland State University. She lives in Salt Lake City with her family and enjoys spending time in nature or making art as a way of healing and self care.

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