Reflecting on Our Recent Transitions and Looking Ahead

Jun 14, 2022 | Equity in the Center News, Woke @ Work

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These past months have been marked by collective trauma and the perennial aspiration that action might finally overtake “thoughts and prayers” in America’s legislature. We are more resolved than ever about the importance of Equity in the Center’s mission to dismantle white supremacy in institutional culture and society. To that end, we are changing our internal infrastructure to support more leaders and organizations in shifting mindsets, practices, and systems to build a Race Equity Culture™.

As a start-up organization, we are experiencing a period of rapid growth and transition. In recent months, two valued team members, Rebekah Gowler and Jessica Kaneakua, have left. In that same period, several others, Niki Jagpal, Miyo Hall-Kennedy, Sandra Herrera, Juan Serrano, and Mara Brennan-Magidson, have joined. We deeply appreciate the contributions Rebekah and Jessica made to EiC Rebekah co-designed the Race Equity Culture Fellowship, and Jessica created standard operating procedures for finance and HR where none existed before. We wish them both well in future endeavors and look forward to similarly impactful contributions from our new colleagues. 

During this period of growth, we also look forward to bringing on a Vice President of Operations (applications due by Friday, June 17, 2022) and a Manager of Operations. These new roles are designed to support EiC’s infrastructure as we define new strategies to scale our impact. You can help inform those strategies by completing this short feedback survey.

We are grateful to each stakeholder that has inspired and supported EiC’s work since our debut in 2017! Cross-sector support from race equity leaders, champions, and funders has been crucial in positioning us for this moment of transformation. Our team is excited to lean into the promise and purpose of the EiC network’s collective vision for race equity in organizations and society. Onward!

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Herna Cruz-Louie (she/her/siya) Joins the Team as the VP of Operations

Herna Cruz-Louie (she/her/siya) Joins the Team as the VP of Operations

Herna (pronounced “Er-Na”) Cruz-Louie (she/her/siya) has over 15 years of experience working as a nonprofit administrator, community organizer, and youth development practitioner, over 10 years of HR Management experience, and 7 years working for tech startups in the San Francisco Bay Area. Herna was awarded one of Filipina Women’s Network’s 100 most influential Filipinas in 2011, and currently serves as the Volunteer Director for the American Center of Philippine Arts.

Meet Seana (she/her), EiC Data Analysis and Evaluation Associate

Meet Seana (she/her), EiC Data Analysis and Evaluation Associate

Seana Kellman (she/her) is a child of immigrants, an avid researcher, and a crochet and knitting enthusiast currently residing on Wappinger, Schaghticoke, and Munsee Lenape lands. She has worked at EiC since October 2020 and has worked on social media and content development, training coordination, and most notably the development of the codebook and scoring for the Race Equity Cycle Pulse Check™.