Equity in the Center

Centering racial equity as a core goal of social impact


Here are some relevant resources from our Advisory Committee network and other sources. Contact us if you have a suggested resource for this page. 



Race to Lead: Confronting the Racial Leadership GapThis 2017 report, the first in a series to be released over the next two years, compares people of color and white respondents’ background, aspirations to be leaders, training, and attitudes towards leadership. It exposes the nonprofit sector's racial leadership gap, and calls for a new narrative about the problem and new strategies to address it. The report asserts that nonprofits must transfer the responsibility for the racial leadership gap from those who are targeted by it (aspiring leaders of color), to those leading and governing organizations.

Managing Unconscious Biasa straightforward and practical white paper about steps to take in HR processes to recognize and minimize the effects of implicit bias. The first half of the report is a summary of the bias research, while the remainder offers both structural and individual strategies for organizations to minimize the impact of bias.

Uncovering Talent: an adaptation by Kenji Yoshino of his book from a decade ago, this paper is written for a corporate audience. The paper offers another way to think and write about grappling with dominant culture.