Racial Equity Institute Groundwater Training

Racial Equity Institute Groundwater Training

Training designed to be immediately helpful and relevant to leaders & organizations that want to proactively understand & address racism


Racism is a fierce, ever-present, challenging force, one which has structured the thinking, behavior, and actions of individuals and institutions since the beginning of U.S. history. To understand racism and effectively begin dismantling it requires an equally fierce, consistent, and committed effort.

The Racial Equity Institute (REI) process is designed to help leaders and organizations that want to proactively understand and address racism, both in their organization and in the community where the organization is working.

In this lively and participatory, three-hour presentation, REI organizers will use stories and data to present a perspective that racism is fundamentally structural in nature. By examining characteristics of modern-day racial inequity, the presentation introduces participants to an analysis that most find immediately helpful and relevant.

    Date, Time and Cost

    Saturday, October 10, 2020, 1:00pm-4:00pm ET

    Training Cost: $100

    About Racial Equity Institute

    REI is an alliance of trainers, organizers, and institutional leaders who have devoted ourselves to the work of creating racially equitable organizations and systems. We help individuals and organizations develop tools to challenge patterns of power and grow equity.

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