Meet Seana (she/her), EiC Data Analysis and Evaluation Associate

Sep 26, 2022 | Equity in the Center News, Woke @ Work

Seana Kellman pictured smiling with hoop earrings and her hair up. She is wearing a jean jacket and light pink shirt against a dark purple background.Seana Kellman (she/her) is a child of immigrants, an avid researcher, and a crochet and knitting enthusiast currently residing on Wappinger, Schaghticoke, and Munsee Lenape lands. Her initial interest in sociology and the lack of diverse representation in the beauty industry led Seana into an exploration of societal structures that hinder the progression of people of the global majority, specifically Black women, into positions of power.

She is a recent graduate of the NYU Applied Psychology Master’s program where her concentration was in Interventions for Measuring and Defining Diversity: Impacts and Implications for the Workplace. She is passionate about implementing sustainable and equitable policies and practices for diversity, race equity, and inclusion in the workplace through data-informed research. Additionally, she also deeply invested in utilizing quantitative, and qualitative analysis and storytelling of the company’s hiring practices, retention rates, trends in promotions, salary, employee experience, etc. to provide a comprehensive report of racial equity in the organization – or lack thereof. Her research thus far has focused on existing instruments that assess diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace – particularly assessment composition, availability, applicability to industries other than social work, and mental health.

Seana has worked at Equity in the Center since October 2020. During her time here she has worked on social media and content development, training coordination, and most notably the development of the codebook and scoring for the Race Equity Cycle Pulse Check™.

When she’s not working at Equity in the Center, you can find her exploring data sets, wandering around Manhattan, or reorganizing her living space.

Email Seana and say hello. Connect with her on Linkedin. Learn more about the Equity in the Center team.

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