Replenishment, Nourishment & Healing in Equity Work: A Workshop for BIPOC Equity Practicioners 

For BIPOC equity practitioners to reconnect with our innate healing and freedom.


This session is for BIPOC equity capacity builders working within organizations, as consultants, and/or in communities and networks. Too often, we are disconnected from our sources of replenishment and nourishment, especially when the demands on our time and energies are extreme (as they have been for some time). This session is designed to help us reconnect with our center at all times, and especially in times of turmoil, internal and external pressure.

We will:

  • Explore the relationship between equity and healing (body, mind, heart, natural elements);
  • Reflect on approaches for deepening emotional/energetic capacity for deep equity work;
  • Re-engage tools we may have that already feed us;
  • Share and explore potentially new practices to increase capacity, healing, grounding and resilience to advance equity for the long-haul; and
  • Explore next steps to expand awareness, skills and reservoirs for healing, equity & transformation.

This session is designed to honor the gifts and practices people may already bring, while sharing new approaches from the facilitator’s experience as a long-term equity consultant and practitioner, and as a teacher in African-based and Buddhist traditions. Participants will (hopefully) leave with new, deeper, renewed or rediscovered tools for resilience, groundedness, and fierce compassion for ourselves and for each other in our equity work.

Date, Time and Cost

Workshop Cost: $100

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Sheryl Petty, Ed.D.

Sheryl Petty, Ed.D., Founder & Principal, Movement Tapestries has a 25-year history of supporting cross-sector organizations and individuals to deepen their equity capacity. She regularly facilitates multi-year, systems change processes focused on deep equity (including race, socioeconomics, gender, LGBTQ identity, and other dimensions of difference) and its impact on relationships, institutional functioning, and field-transformation. Her work includes equity-driven change process design, facilitation, visioning, strategy, equity assessments, alignment, coaching, network development, tool and framework development. She has been a program manager, executive director, board member and consultant working in partnership with thousands of staff, board and community members, nationally and internationally. She has worked with nonprofits, philanthropic institutions, government organizations, school districts, policy advocates, capacity builders, researchers, and community organizers.

Sheryl has also been a consultant with Change Elemental and Movement Strategy Center, and was a Principal Associate at the Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University and Adjunct Faculty at Columbia University. She is currently a Fellow with the Mind and Life Institute, and publishes and engages in public speaking on the intersection of equity, systems change and personal transformation. For nearly 25 years, she has also been a practitioner and is ordained in African-based (Yoruba/Lucumi) and Tibetan Buddhist (Vajrayana/yogic) lineages, and is a certified yoga instructor and the Founder and Spiritual Director of Ocha Dharma, an emerging international community of practice at the intersection of African-based and Yogic Buddhist wisdom. Her work focuses on supporting the alignment efforts of practitioners, advocates and community members to heal and unleash our most vibrant selves, transform our social systems, and improve our collective life.

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