Team Edition: User Notes

What is the cost to use The Race Equity Cycle Assessment?

This is a free, online Race Equity Cycle Assessment. Every team who completes the audit automatically receives a Results Report that highlights their two strongest levers and resources for moving to the next stage of the cycle.

What types of organizations should complete the survey?

The Race Equity Cycle Assessment includes indicators that apply to nonprofit and community organizations, and for-profit businesses. Organizations of any size can use the tool, but we recommend it for businesses that have at least 20 -25 employees.

Who will see our results?

The Race Equity Cycle Assessment Results Reports are automatically generated when you complete the Race Equity Cycle Assessment, so everyone who participates in the audit session may see it. Equity in the Center team members will have access to the assessment responses and results, which will remain confidential. The Equity in the Center (EiC) team may use data collected to analyze and report on organizational/sector trends in race equity. Future EiC research may reference trends and patterns in organizational profiles/assessment results, but no organization-specific data or names will ever be released.

Which employee should complete the race equity cycle assessment on behalf of the company?

Only one person will be the contact person for the results, but we recommend that you assemble a team to complete the Race Equity Cycle Assessment together. We recommend including a leader or manager with enough positional power to feel comfortable answering questions as honestly as possible as part of a group of executives/senior leaders, but with first hand experience or significant context on the experiences of entry and mid level staff. The assessment will ask for responses in each of these areas.

If we assemble the recommended team to complete the Race Equity Cycle Assessment, how long should they allocate to complete the Race Equity Cycle Assessment?

When a team of people come together to complete the Race Equity Cycle Assessment, they engage in robust discussion and debate about the nuance of indicators. We think this is a good thing! Completing the audit together will help your team surface bigger questions about your Racial Equity commitment. We recommend that you allocate 1 hour to complete the Race Equity Cycle Assessment together.

What type of information will the survey ask? What data/information should we have in order to complete it?

The Race Equity Cycle Assessment will ask you to identify trends in your culture, programs, operations, and governance. You should have access to your organizational policies, regular data reports (talent, budget, program, utilization, outcomes, participant/customer), Board/governance minutes. The assessment will not ask you for your specific results (i.e. the percentage of black women who have been promoted to C-suite roles in the past 3 years), but having them on-hand may help facilitate your responses.

When should we complete the survey?

The Race Equity Cycle Assessment is meant to be a baseline assessment organizations can use early in their work to build a Race Equity Culture. An organization might use it as it is preparing to bring on a race equity consultant, or as it is launching strategic and action planning to operationalize race equity cross-functionally (which might include the creation of a cross-functional equity leadership group or working group to lead work internally, potentially in partnership with an external consultant).

Please enter your name, email and organization and click the checkbox below to signify your consent to participate in this assessment. The information collected will contribute to an overall score of Awake, Woke or Work, and your confidential responses will become part of Equity in the Center’s database, which may be used in future research on building a Race Equity Culture. Your responses, overall score and organization name will remain confidential. If they are used in future research, data will only be published in aggregate (in a data set along with other organizations). Your responses will not be associated with your specific organization. Before beginning the assessment, Survey Monkey will prompt you to reenter your name and email address so the platform can save your responses should you need to return and complete the assessment at a later time.