Equity is everywhere.

It’s actually not.  It’s sorely lacking in this country.  But we are starting to talk about it in ways, and with nuance and data, that we haven't seen before.  It’s a topic of conversation for the entertainment industry and Silicon Valley, for entrepreneurs and educators.  While no one would say that the nonprofit sector is ignoring equity, we’re not talking about it nearly enough.  And talk will ultimately lead to action, which is what we really need.  

The social sector workforce still lags far behind the communities we serve in terms of racial composition.  Our boards are far too old and far too white.  Women face the same executive glass ceilings at larger nonprofits as those seen in Fortune 500 companies.  The nonprofit sector is supposed to be different. Better.  Mission-driven.

Frankly, we’re not.  And we’re falling further behind.  The time is now to bring meaningful change to our sector.

We cannot afford to wait for national demographic trends to 'catch us up.' 

We must not depend on the private sector for leadership on the issue.

We will not be a follower in racial equity, relying solely on lagging strategies that build off the innovation of others.

Collectively, we are better than that.  We can come together to put race and equity in the center of the conversation as we chart our sector's future.

We must disrupt how we think and talk and develop talent in the social sector.

We envision a social sector that puts racial equity in the center of our missions. Not just in words, but also in actions and how we live out those missions, every day.  Where we hire, retain, and advance  not a talent pipeline, but a glorious array of individuals who have unique and critical contributions to make but who come to this work differently than their predecessors.

Equity is our mission.  It's in all of our missions.  Let's manifest it in real, meaningful, measurable, inspiring change.  Join us, and together let's place equity in the center of our sector's work.