Background on the movement

In 2015, the Annie E. Casey Foundation brought together five organizations for its first Social Sector Talent Pipelines Learning Lab. Participating organizations were AmeriCorps Alums, Management Leadership for Tomorrow, ProInspire, Public Allies, and Teach for America.

We spent one year learning about Results Based Leadership and focusing on race and equity in the social sector. We engaged numerous stakeholders in this process, including alumni and partners from our programs, capacity builders, movement builders, foundations, leaders in the field, and more. We also learned from past field-initiatives focused on diversity and talent in the nonprofit sector.

We identified one shared goal:

Disrupt the mindsets, practices and systems of social sector decision makers to create a more diverse and equitable talent pipeline so that all people in the US have equal access to opportunities.

In 2016, we are launching a movement to engage individuals, organizations, and the sector at-large to align and create change towards this goal. Read our manifesto and join us.